/Twelve strangers fight to survive a most dangerous game in The Hunt trailer

Twelve strangers fight to survive a most dangerous game in The Hunt trailer

What would you do if suddenly you found yourself waking up in a strange place with no idea as to how you got there? Would you immediately call for help? Explore your surroundings? Perhaps you’d pick up the nearest object that could be used as a weapon and keep it ready. Personally, I think I’d have myself a nice, silent freakout session, then I’d quietly search for the studiest blunt weapon possible. A crowbar perhaps, or maybe a lead pipe. After securing something menacing and reusable, I’d venture out to see what’s what, silently. I’d like to think that I could last a while in a game of survival and stealth, but without having my bearings or knowing who I could trust, I suspect I wouldn’t last very long. How about you?

The Hunt, Betty Gilpin, Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures has unleashed a trailer for THE HUNT, an upcoming horror action thriller from writers Nick Cuse (MANIAC) and Damon Lindelof (WATCHMEN, LOST). Directed by Craig Zobel, THE HUNT tells the story of twelve strangers who wake up in a clearing, but they don’t know where they are, or how they got there. Another thing they don’t know is that they’ve been chosen … for a very specific purpose.

Here’s the official synopsis for THE HUNT:

In the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory, a bunch of elites gathers for the very first time at a remote Manor House to hunt humans for sport. But the elites’ master plan is about to be derailed because one of the hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin, GLOW), knows The Hunters’ game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off, one by one, as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman (two-time Oscar® winner Hilary Swank) at the center of it all.

Produced by Jason Blum (GET OUT, THE PURGE series), and Damon Lindelof, co-creator of THE LEFTOVERS and LOST, comes a violent and shocking thriller that stars Ike Barinholtz (SUICIDE SQUAD, NEIGHBORS), Betty Gilpin (GLOW, ISN’T IT ROMANTIC) Emma Roberts (WE’RE THE MILLERS, AQUAMARINE) and Hilary Swank (MILLION DOLLAR BABY), BOYS DON’T CRY).

Woof! I don’t know about you, but I would not want to be on Betty Gilpin’s shitlist during The Hunt. She looks as if she’d do just about anything to survive and I would not put it past her to take the whole shady outfit who organize the event single-handedly. You’ve already seen how adept she is at handling her opponents inside the squared circle for Netflix’ GLOW, but now the gloves are off, and the mat is much bigger. I think it’s best to say your prayers and kiss you ass goodbye.

THE HUNT will officially begin in theaters on September 27.

The Hunt, Damon Lidelof, Universal Pictures

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