/“The Bachelorette” Premiered Last Night And, Dare I Say, Im Excited For This Season

“The Bachelorette” Premiered Last Night And, Dare I Say, Im Excited For This Season

Hello, fellow reality TV fiends. In case it slipped past your radar, last night was the premiere of Season 15 of The Bachelorette.

This season, we’re taking the journey of love with Hannah B., former Miss Alabama, current Roll Tide spokesperson.

Now, I’m the first to admit that every year I complain about watching The Bachelorette, but that then I end up invested in each season like it’s my job.

BUT! After last night’s premiere and meeting all the contestants — some I’m rooting for to win, some I’m rooting for to start drama — I actually am really pumped for this season!

Here’s everything that went down during the premiere — the tears, the laughs, the drama, the scene with Hannah B that made me her #1 fan — and all of the best reaction tweets of the night.

First, the drama! There was a contestant named Scott who *gasp* had a girlfriend back home. But, before you fret, Hannah B. told him to get to steppin’ because she was NOT putting up with his two-timing B.S.

Hannah B.: You are such a jerk…There’s no reason for you to be here if you’re not honest.


Hanna B walking Scott out of the house like he was 5 was truly the highlight of my night. #TheBachelorette

01:40 AM – 14 May 2019


Cam: “Like don’t come on the show if you have a girlfriend”
All the other guys: *laugh*
That one guy with hella side hoes back home:


01:33 AM – 14 May 2019


Scott: “Hannah and I really hit it off everyone!”
Hannah: “So I heard you got a girlfriend..?”
Scott: #TheBachelorette

01:26 AM – 14 May 2019


Hannah, Katie, and Demi getting ready to destroy a fuckboy with a girlfriend on national television #TheBachelorette

01:13 AM – 14 May 2019


Hannah B: Do you have a girlfriend?
Scott: That was Monday, today is Wednesday

01:48 AM – 14 May 2019


Hannah’s sweet spot is clearly calling dudes out on their bullshit AND I AM HERE FOR IT #thebachelorette

01:22 AM – 14 May 2019

Next, the tears. There was a great contestant named Matt Donald, a beautiful farm boy who comes from a deaf household. He was nice, he was caring, he was sweet, AND HE WAS SENT HOME TOO EARLY!


Matt Donald: It’s gonna take me some time to kinda recover from this.


Did Hannah really just send home Matt McDonald, the farmer with two deaf parents and a heart of gold?! #TheBachelorette

01:53 AM – 14 May 2019

To add salt to the wound, Hannah B. picked a man named John Paul Jones (who’s profession is John Paul Jones) over the much loved Matt Donald.


“I, John Paul Jones, didn’t come all the way out here, and give up a promotion at John Paul Jones just to be sent home” #theBachelorette

02:01 AM – 14 May 2019


SHE REALLY WENT AND PICKED John Paul Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt over Old MacDonald!!! #thebachelorette

01:51 AM – 14 May 2019

Before you get all upset, there were some laughs! In a scene where my front-runner Luke P. was consoling Hannah B., she kept complaining about how cold she was and my man did NOT A THING.


Luke P.: Hey, how are you feeling?

Hannah B.: [Laughs} I’m so cold.

Luke P.: Does nothing, even though he had a jacket to offer.


Hannah just said she was freezing TWICE and Luke P keeps his jacket on #TheBachelorette

01:31 AM – 14 May 2019

BUT, perhaps my fave part of the episode was a sneak peak into the season: A tearful yet strong-willed Hannah B. saying that no one can take her worth from her just because she’s had premarital sex. #HerBodyHerChoice


Hannah B.: I don’t owe you anything at this point.


Hannah fiercely declaring “I have had sex and Jesus still loves me” is going to be the fence-jumping moment of the season. #TheBachelorette

02:00 AM – 14 May 2019


Me to whatever dumbass boy is trying to shame Hannah for having premarital sex this season:


02:02 AM – 14 May 2019


You don’t get to tell me what I get to do. And my husband won’t tell me what to do either. – Hannah G #TheBachelorette

02:02 AM – 14 May 2019

So there ya have it, folks! I already have some ~predictions~ about who’s gonna get that final rose — which I’ll probably be wrong about — but still excited to see Hannah B. embark on this journey! Let the tide roll!

Me before watching this season: Eh. We will see how it goes. I might not watch this season.

Me after the first episode:

02:03 AM – 14 May 2019

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